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This is the plantation project that operate in Pwani region, district of Kibiti at Ruaruke ‘A’ village.



The main objective of the company in this project is to ensure that its members own at least three acres of cashew nut trees,but also member allowed to own more than three acres depending up on their needs.


The short term plan of the project is to cultivate member’s farms by doing contractual farming of different crops depending on requirement of the market. Examples of the crops are sunflower, wipes and Bird eye chillies etc.

During 2019, the company started to do such short time projects by introducing sunflower cultivation for 33 acres. In the month of September, 2019, the company signed the contract to cultivate and sell Bird eye chillies and so far started to manage the member’s farms by cultivating 10 acres as preliminary phase of contract.

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